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Hey there friend!

My name is Anesha Roshon but feel free to call me Nesha, Nesh or Ne.

I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist, Mental Health Advocate, certified in Mental Health First Aid USA and a Notary Public. I hold many other titles as well but here’s what you really need to know about me…

1) My passion is to help you as a whole person - Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally and Physically. Life has taught me that when a person is weak in one area it will show up in another therefore it is important to take care of all of you.

2) Overcoming my personal battle with maintaining mental & emotional health has positioned me to not only see but also understand people on a deeper level. I not only massage to treat physical pain but to also provide a place of peace.

3) Spiritual health is my foundation for all things. Abba, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit.

4) The journey to making physical health a priority has been one of the hardest for me yet most fulfilling. It’s not about the number on a scale, or a specific body type but being…


Be. Do. Feel. Look.